The ESTS has launched and presented the ESTS Textbook of Thoracic Surgery during the ESTS Meeting in Copenhagen. In the picture, Jaroslaw Kuzdzal, the Editor, is proudly showing the first volume to the ESTS Council. The book has been prepared in two versions: a traditional printed textbook and a multimedia version and includes 109 chapters presenting…

3d ESTS Course in Kazan: Mikhail Perelman Memorial

The 3d ESTS Course of Thoracic Surgery took place recently in Kazan, (26-28 February). The Course started with the M. Perelman Memorial. One of the most relevant figures of Thoracic Surgery in the World passed away in March 23d, 2013. You can find more information and images of Academician Perelman visiting the ESTS web page.

Developing functional pneumocytes from human pluripotent stem cells

  A team from Columbia Center for Translational Immunology, leaded by HW Snoeck, has recently published an interesting manuscript in Nature Biotechnology. They have succeeded to develop a  highly efficient method for directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into lung and airway epithelial cells.These cells developed basal, goblet, Clara, ciliated, type I and type…

More than 70% of public health care users highly satisfied in Spain

The Spanish “Instituto de Investigaciones Fiscales” (Tax Research Institute), an independent organism for research and advice on matters relating to public expenditure has recently reported a large survey on the attitude of the Spanish population towards the quality of the public services. Over 70% of respondents rated the care received in public health as very…

ESTS Course in Krasnodar (Russia)

A new Thoracic Surgery Course concluded in Krasnodar on October 4th. As usual, it has been organized by the ESTS School of Thoracic Surgery and directed by G. Massard and A. Porkhanov. Salamanca’s Thoracic Surgery participated with three lectures (International Rules on medical Writing, Staging Esophageal Cancer and Histology and Staging of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma).

Bening pleural fibrous tumours

We have uploaded a new video in YouTube showing a complex approach of a giant fibrous pleural tumour with massive displacement of supra-aortic vessels. Have you experienced such a case in your practice? See at Bening pleural fibrous tumour